We are located at 1514 Market Street in Pocomoke, MD 21851.

If you are traveling North on Rt 13 you can either take Market St. Extended before you get into Pocomoke. Go past the light at Old Virginia Rd. You will see our sign on the left before Eastern Shore Poultry.

If you are traveling North on Rt 13 and miss the Market St. Extended exit you can continue to the light at Old Virginia Rd and turn left by getting on the left turn lane. From there you will turn right on Market St and will find us on the left before Eastern Shore Poultry.

If you are traveling North on Rt 13 you will turn right on to Old Virginia Rd and turn right on Market St. We are on the left before Eastern Shore Poultry.

Our normal services are at 6:00 PM on Sunday but check the times listed at the top of our homepage, because occasionally we’ll have special holiday times (such as Christmas, Easter, etc). Give us a call at 410-914-7370 during normal business hours (9am-5pm M-F) if you have any questions!

Mostly, we dress casually. But it doesn’t matter–if you’re comfortable in a suit, wear a suit. If you’re comfortable in shorts, wear shorts. You’re either family or you’re our guest! So we want you to be comfortable.

Ask anyone you find for Pastor Earl or Pansy and they can help you.

There is parking all along the right side of our building and to the left of Eastern Shore Poultry. There are a few spots in the front and around back. Please leave the immediate few parking spaces in front closest to our signage for the handicap and elderly. Anyone can park in the back if there are no other spots.

They can – many first-time visitors want their kids to stay close to them, and we love the sounds of life that kids bring with them to our services! However, we do have a Sunday school class for children 8 and under.

We do talk about money from time to time – it’s kind of an important topic to know about! And we have a time of offering every week so our family can support what we do for God. But we never expect our guests to contribute to our regular offering. Your presence is present enough! Occasionally, we do have a special offering for organizations outside our church, and it’s totally up to you whether you participate in those or not as a guest – they’re always excellent causes, so you may want to anyway!

Communion is open to anyone who follows Jesus. We all meet in the front and pass a communion tray of bread and grape juice cups and we usually take it together after a time of remembrance.

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